Poesie, Visioni

Fading away…

Staring into infinity
sounds and music
cover my thoughts
fading into nothingness
I don’t want to get into the same loop
over and over again
I need only the divinity
far away
no other god beside him
and the temple
and the sublime meditation
words that come out
of people
speaking truth
as if they were joking
I don’t need the same places
the filthy car repairs
where you meet
only subhumans
who cannot even speak
their own language
places of hellish disaster
no solidarity and empathy with them
I’d only like to be
with myself all the time
communing with a divinity far away
and the masters that fade away
those teachers of spiritual truths
who guided me out of hell
I would like to be invaded by music
and nothing else
perhaps only words
from those news channels
which are white noise
and a gate to infinity
where common words of the rabble
don’t reach at me anymore
and I’m invaded by foreign sounds
my only salvation
from that common sense
illeterate and obtuse
which strangles me
I want to get out
to be among common people
those similar to me
or distant from me
away from parents and relatives
and half relatives
relationships strangling me out of my liberty
that I’d like to become a barman
among common people
rather than staying among those
whose ideas are something of the past
another generation
another social class
another background
sometimes it’s really difficult to get on well with them
and I’d like to seclude myself in my own world
playing the distant servant
of a bar
saying nothing
empty words
not hearing and seeing bestial things anymore
forget them!
I say to myself
forget them
it’s you that choose your way to hell
and now that you are out of it
just begin to understand!
That is not the work for you
those are not the people you were looking for
nor are their ideas yours
what’s to be done now?
Eternal question
I answer
staring into infinity
and sounds
and words aren’t there anymore
all fades away
and I forget myself
and everyone
the only thing subsisting
is the divinity
and the infinity of sounds
eternal visions
without vision
and pure absolute nothingness
into which I fade
and with me
all the world in me
all the people
and their ideas
an entire world
fading away
staring into infinity
I finally fade away…


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