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All the time of the world…

Blurred thoughts and visions
the infinite flow of the mind
headaching hangover
from tense moments
where cold war era movies
only worsened things
I don’t want to get back to that mindset
where Russia fought with the West
tense movies which don’t open your mind
a sense of closeness
it’s absurd how this eternal war
on terror
is somewhat a symbol
of an eschatological era
where the eternal conflict
between different worldviews and religions
will come to an end
that’s the new era
inaugurated by Osama Bin Laden
the true opener of a new era
of eternal mystical fight
till the end of times
and another turnpoint
in this apocalyptic battle
was the 2008 economic crisis
a sign from the secular world
with market economy
beginning to doubt about itself
and then the rise of nationalism
after the Israelianization of the world
following 9/11
operation nostalgia
the worse economic crisis
since the ’30
Nazi times came back
the West
with the new insurgent nationalism
these are the signs of the time
apart from a silent comeback
of a reminescent
cold war era
due to the Ukrainian crisis
but those movies
cold war era movies
aren’t to understand anymore
the world has changed
we live now in a multipolar world
where eternal conflicts are on the leash
it’s the time of disorder
and chaos
which has although something
which before wasn’t:
an eschatological and a spiritual
way out
inaugurated by the eternal war
on terror
the eternal war on nationalism
the two greatest
of this new era
infinite battle
infinite conflict
which can come to a cure
only through
thoughts of the end of times
hope for the end of times
when the right prophet
when the messianic era
will bring peace and harmony
to this shattered world
we live
in the end of times
and for all people of the world
today will be the last day of the year
past disappointments
will be forgotten
all the evil
will be thrown away
to welcome the new year
full of hope and success
a new beginning of time
for most of us
even when we find
psychological reactions
to stop thinking about time
about too many expectations
which we don’t want
to put into this week
for someone new year is in february
the Chinese
for someone else
is March
the Persians
for someone else
is September
the Jews
and then there are Muslims
and many other civilizations
with other counts of time
the relativism of the world
and the relativism inside us
which save us from monolithical thinking and absolute truths
so today
will be like any other day
apart from that we can get some rest
today and tomorrow
see some friends
talk or chat with some friends
we thought to have forgotten
and on the contrary they were still there
in some hidden corner of our soul
the end and the beginning of time
and what is more metaphysical than time?
But I’ll postpone the end and the beginning of time
to a date which hasn’t numbers
a forever postponed date
which no one knows
where all conflicts will be solved
inside us
among us
all over the eschatological
worldview of our era
an eternal waiting for the time to come
there won’t be any unrealistic
wishes to fulfill for this time
which wants us to change radically
time will go on as ever
from one day to another
the only thing is
I will reinstate that millenarian worldview
the only one which can save me
from the end of times once and for all
because the world in me has already ended
too many times
too many apocalypses have come to me
through the years
and I won’t mention all of them
the thing is
never set an end of time
never think that time somehow is finished
that eras have passed
that the present now is the only dimension
and the past was somewhat a golden age
too many times I made this mistake
life is an eternal continuum
always striving for a future to come
and past always follows us
with all its cycles and eras
where there is no end
there is no beginning
I’ll stop dividing my time
through epochs of my life
with a sight always thrown to the past
some golden or silver age
which won’t ever come back
time has still to come
infinite inspiration
for a brighter day
a happier era
a more harmonious era
where are the conflicts
will be solved
yet at the moment
we live in the present
the era of conflicts
cast it to an indefinite future!
Suspend it from torturing yourself!
Hang your judgments
to an indefinite future
where new ideas and experiences
new people and new feelings
will understand what you can’t understand now
the dimension of time
of awaiting
of postponing
will give you the right dimension
to come to understand all differences
because understanding is just a matter
of discerning things
of grasping the right differences
which made up your undifferentiated
world of the soul
still needing time
and life
and existence
so time won’t end today
and won’t start tomorrow
it’s a continuous flow
always expecting to find the eternal return
of that difference
which marks your soul
but time is also a straight line
aiming towards something we still don’t know
towards a brighter day
the world to come
the day to come
that’s the trick to eternity
never set an end
never set a beginning
never set cycles in your life
everything come and goes
don’t live in a continuous present
don’t live in a continuous past
just look up and remember
you still have
all the time of the world…


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