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Still dreaming on good…

The Russian language was still alive
all I had to do
was to exclude
and I could feel the same liveliness
I almost forgot
exclude Marina
from Russia
and it’s still a dream
watching that dystopian Japanese movie
about a philologist
mad for genocidal stories
a terrorist of the mind
the bad character in me
when I get out of my mind
evil inside
which fades away
through focusing on the Supreme Good
finding again
where rationality alone
created only monsters
the right words
by that book
about reason and faith
which illumined my way
reason and faith
rationality and irrationality
feelings and theory
now finally coexist
almost solving all conflicts
and I still lay in bed
due to some convalescence
after flu
and I can savor this kind of vacation
made of rest
and of books
almost without moving from home
and it’s not a prison anymore
it’s a metaphysical door towards other worlds
and I finally get the answer
to that dilemma
putting or not an image
towards the holiest of holiest
rabbi C. gave the answer
better not put strange images
which is the same old stuff
pure reason which rebels
against humanity in us
made of feelings and irrationality
leave a door open
fantasies, dreams, feelings, ideas and wishes
and find elevation of the soul
where reason and science alone
can’t suffice
and now I feel good
though in bed
for flu
with feelings going towards my brother’s family
and the gift I hope to give my nephews
on the 6th of February
to wash away thirty years
without ever giving anything
and I won’t fear anymore
year’s eve
the true beginning of the year
is march
at the born of spring
and time goes on
from one week to another
in a horizontal linear way
without revolutionizing anything
and time won’t crack
on new year’s eve
there won’t be any
accountancy of these ten years
or of this last year
time will go on
as ever
without any metaphysical accountancy
I’m still free
I’m still a believer
I still live inbetween reason and faith
rationality and irrationality
feelings and thoughts
that’s life
and I can’t every time
fight an apocalyptic battle
to find the true winner
between these opposites
they simply coexist
the One
of true spirituality
is still there
the union of all fragmented concepts and suggestions
and I find myself
not asunder anymore
where the love of life lives
I’ll take some rest
that’s all
and I won’t fight anymore
against political ideas of others
stay out of politics
would be the right commandment
when in fact
I discover
that what I thought it was revelation
from high
was just my view of things
it was just me
that has to learn to coexist
with other ideas
other opinions
that’s the foundation of democracy
I could respect other ideas
even when I don’t approve them
there’s no absolute truth
like a dogma
in the name of which
many ages have seen
people killing each other
in the name of an idea
that’s not the way
we learned from wars
to respect diversity
and multiplicity
there are no absolutes
we are in constant conversation
among us
and ideas come and go
the only absolutes are perhaps
those principles which make you
the person you are
which are the foundation of yourself
but living among others
also includes
accepting other ideas
without coming to wrathful conflicts everytime
like a mad dictator
or a furious man of same sacred inquisition
opinions and ideas come and go
what cannot dissolve is your inner self
your principles
it is you
if you don’t want to get lost
in the realm of pure relativism
where every word and idea can come and go
like bitches
Something must found you
only then you will be able to converse with others
you it’s you
the others are the others
even when it seems
that others are hell
you won’t change
and you’ll find your inspiration
in that spirituality
which doesn’t exclude rationality
infinite inspiration
infinite inspiration
that’s the way I like
and I won’t fear anymore
absurd mood swings
sudden revolutions of concepts and ides
some kind of different personalities in me
I had to find something
which guided me
and I finally found it
now that I found my orient
I can be surer of my actions
of my thoughts
of my feelings
and even when
panic, anxiety and wrath
will appear in me
I’ll find the spiritual door
to come out of short-circuited thoughts
where feelings live
where happiness lives
where I can be alive and well
among others
among other others
without complaining anymore
always find the Good
where evil seems to prevail
everything comes and goes
but never forget
to always look for the Good…
and Russia can still be reborn in me
without linking it only to past girls
there’s a future open in that land
of suggestions
a land that I could even visit some day
there’s some good also in Russia
where I thought there could only be evil
after too many words
like that mad philologist of the movie
the terrorist philologist obsessed with genocides
get out of history
get out of your past
get out of your inner world
made only of the things you lived
associated with words which are the limits of your world
there’s still a future hanging on
new faces
new people
new life
new suggestions
shake off your past
there’s a brand new world
open for you
there’s still time
and everything in you can still be expanded
living among others
and finding new suggestions
Russia is still a source of inspiration
forget the past
open your view to the future
shake off your past
there’s still life waiting for you


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