Ispirazioni, Poesie, Riflessioni, Visioni

The right balance between inner world and outer world…


They closed the bar
the police
for supplying drugs and chaos during the night
that saleswoman was right
and now all of them
Paolo, Miryam, Bruna and Valeria
where are they now?
In prison?
I don’t know
that’s not my business
I’ll just go to the other bar
London Bar
where there is no oldman swearing against
God, fascists and communists
with his unmistakable voice full of hate
I won’t go there
especially when I wake up
and I feel all the good in my life
the inner circle of my mind
and the outer circle
yin and yang
like the dragon statue given me by
Chinese friends of one
the inner self and the outer self
this constant battle
when I’m alone and when I’m among others
don’t get lost in inwardness!
Don’t get lost in outwardness!
The right balance between
in and out
and I find my spiritual orientation
once again
after fighting against a night of alcohol
last day
after fighting against too much coffee yesterday
I couldn’t concentrate
on a sci fi movie
in English
I couldn’t read the next sci fi short story
in English
everything was so upside down
because of those books about Islam
and now I won’t see any more Moroccans
Albanians, Romanians and Southern Italians
in that bar
bad people
who got their punishment
I elevate myself
over petty things and shortcircuited thoughts
owing to the right spirituality
and Inna is not Ana
although sometimes I still mistake her
but there’s no more symbolic existence here
I kind of learnt the principle of no contradiction
this is not this
that is not that
it’s essential
and I won’t give away all of me
in the name of spirituality
I’ll just remember that there’s also the feminine world
yin and yang
in and out
masculine and feminine
that’s what I have to keep in mind
and eroticism is just an aspect of
the infinite mosaic
of the mind
it’s not everything
I mustn’t forget girls in the name of some
new found spirituality
keep it in mind
there is also work
other people
friends and colleagues
parents and relatives
in this infinite mosaic
of the mind
and if I have to find the One
I must only think of it
as an infinite principle
from where all things start
like the One
which Plotinus talked about
born out of love
for a girl who elevates you
over material things
the Beauty of the One
the Good
the True
some metaphysical principle
born out of beauty
I won’t celebrate anymore
the idea of Ana
she lives here in the outskirts
some bad place
I don’t know who gives her a flat
some bad people
I think
and she’s in Romania now
a country of countrymen
as Olimpia used to say
I can’t expect anything good from her
but there’s also some good in Romania
her spirituality
somewhat exaggerated
the people we’re hosting
in our house
living together with others
stay among others
talk and think
living between an inner world and an outer world
without getting lost too much
in your own soul
where sometimes monsters hide
which drive you out of your mind
the right balance
inner world and outer world
that’s it
smoking Nirvana
smoking joy
living in joy
without worries
and I won’t get lost too much
in deep thinking
and brooding
it’s bad for your health
like losing oneself among too many other people
with different ideas
ways of living
that can badly influence you
but one can’t live alone all the time
as much as one can’t live among others all the time
the right balance between
inner world and outer world
they used to tell me
there are no absolutes
the One which becomes two
that’s living among others
that’s living inside you among others
personality doesn’t grow up under a glass bell
personality is also among others
the spirit of time
the spirit of ideas and opinions
and you
caught inbetween others
without thinking
hell is other people
a continuum of ideas and feelings
some simple rules
to stay out of darkness
and then
the freedom of living as you wish
among some simple parameters
the One
Beauty and Goodness and Truth
inspired by a feminine principle
there are also girls out there
there isn’t only Ana or Inna
or Eugenia
or the many
I constantly name
it’s a world full of girls
of men
of people
don’t get lost in yourself
in deep thinking
you are not alone
there’s a world out there
don’t get lost in yourself
just find
the right balance
between inner world and outer world


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