Ispirazioni, Poesie, Visioni

The light of conscience after the diziness of freedom…

Get out!
Get out!
Unworldly spirit!
Just let my soul travel
Far away from my slavery
Let me see the landscape
Which leads me to other shores
Of my life
Get out of me
Unworldly spirit!
And I saw common people
And nasty places
All around the zone
Headed to the centre of squalor
While I dreamt of protective fantasies
Enclosed in a black monastery
To give up life
And live only in the realm of spirit
I travelled fast
And my memories went blank
Little by little
The unworldly spirit
Was leaving me
Second after second
I was coming out of my Egypt of the soul
While common people chatted and talked
With their ugliness
Their simplicity
Their diversity and multiplicity
That I realized that there wasn’t only me in this world
And my memories and fantasies
And the realm of spirits inside me
There was a world beyond me
Made of things
Taken for granted
And I was no less than them
I was just another
Another traveler in this life
Getting under the tubes
Of the city
Like entering a realm of shadows and ghosts
Leaving my past behind
And all my obsessions
Pharaoh of the spirit
Still screaming to me
“Get to work! Slave!”
I couldn’t take it anymore
And I travelled again
Above the underground
In the city
There I saw other’s lives
Other jobs
Other activities
People talking business
Discussing about life
Playing outside the pub
Like true friends
Men and women walking side by side
With no ambiguous intention
Just a common day of work
In the city
And I stop in front of that skyscraper
In the shade
Smoking a cigarette which was never enough
Getting a little bottle of water
To refresh my spirit
Leaving a coffee for another day
Another time
And there I waited
And other visions
Invaded me
I was getting out of the prison
Of my soul
The same places
The same faces
That dream of a monastery
Which was no better than staying in prison
That prison which is my bedroom
My house
The work just under my home
The same old people
With no education
Hell on earth
And I wasn’t one of them
During this travel of the soul
I lost my affected self
Which was trying in every way
To fit in a world
Which doesn’t belong to me
I’ve never belonged to it
And I was getting out
Of my individual Egypt
There the sea broke open
And I saw other people
Other lives
Other jobs
Other areas
Where to live
And I forgot the prison and the monastery
Of my soul
And I started to dream
Dream of a place
Far away from home
From the same faces
The same places
Dreaming of a country
Where another language is spoken
Younger people
Educated and polite people
Other jobs
Which had nothing to do with
Mechanics and electronics
Something I wished for
Long ago
To escape
From my slavery
And to find freedom
The land of the free
Imaginary place
Among other people
Not fearing anymore to be myself
To cover my personality under
The impersonal and destabilizing ambience
Around me
Just to pretend that I could fit in
In hell
Away from there!
And the dream of another place
Other people
Other voices
Filled me with freedom
And then I was there
Once again at home
Feeling all other sounds and words
From my jailers of the spirit
My demons
And I flew free into other speeches
Where they offered me to help
And needy people
The light of the conscience
After the dizziness of freedom
And I found myself again
Having visions of good and evil
The eternal struggle
In me
With those voices and those faces
That could only be forgiven
For their ignorance
Those faces I need to leave
Once and for all
To find my way in life
Now that I can try to escape my past
And my old destiny
Of slavery
I wanted out
I needed freedom
And fantasies helped me:
A monastery
A possessed place to escape from
A country to flee
New people
A new language
New sensations and feelings
I deserve what’s good for me
And I can’t old habits
Incarcerate me
Living no room for my individual freedom
Of the mind
Of the body
Of the soul
Let my spirit
Roam free
In this new world of mine
There were exits
Outside hell
And they were so close
I couldn’t see them
Away from academic fantasies
From countries far away
Old dream of a Russian bitch
Hell of languages
Delirious ideas of erudition
They were no places for me
They were not the right people for me
There’s another world
Another life
Ahead of me
I mustn’t give up
Looking for it